Just checking in!

The Sustainable HCC Team met in Building 2 on November 10 and we made a lot of progress towards our goal of making HCC the Greenest campus in the system! We decided to do a Dumpster Dive in two weeks.  The Dumpster Dive will consist of volunteers removing reusable items and categorizing them, then putting them back; the Dumpster Dive will help us decide what needs to be Recycled in Building 2.  Keep checking here for the results of the Dumpster Dive, which will be up within the next few weeks!

Six volunteers will conduct the Lighting and Energy Audits: Mike Leidemann (Bldg 2/1st Floor), Jon Blumhardt (Bldg 2 – 2nd Floor), Joe Lewis & Kristy Ringor (Bldg 2 – 3rd Floor and Building 7 4th floor), Shanna (Bldg 2- 1st 4th and 5th floors), Ken Johnson and Tracy Ogihara (Bldg 2 6th floor), Dean Crowell will do Building 14) and Irene Mesina will do the Library. The Foot Candle Meter can be checked out in the Library at the Circulation desk. Please return it as soon as you are finished so that others can check it out! Each volunteer will identify every lighting fixture and bulb including its wattage, and how long they are on each 24-hour period.  We will be able to calculate how much energy is being used in each building and how much energy (and $!) we could save if we switched out incandescent bulbs for CFLs.  Shanah lent us a Foot Candle Meter so we can measure how bright it is in each area in order to see if we need to reduce the lighting, which will also reduce energy use.  Please contact Ken Johnson to schedule your on-site visit johnsonk@hcc.hawaii.edu.

Norman Taketa  is having his Construction Academy students make a planter box for the Cafeteria organic garden project, and Tracy Ogihara, co-founder of GreenCarts LLC, agreed to provide two Solar Golf Carts so we can run an efficiency test for our campus.

Dean Crowell agreed to have his students make recycling bins for the Student Lounge in Building 2!

Everyone is getting involved, and we’re well on the way to a greener campus! Please join us for our next Sustainable HCC Meeting on November 25 from 1-2 in Building 2 Room 214.

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