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GreenCarts Solar Cart Trial Test

Honolulu Community College:  GreenCarts Solar Cart Trial Test

HCC will be testing out a GreenCarts Solar Panel Roof Top to see how adding a photovoltaic system to their golf cart will decrease their energy consumption and help the school reach their sustainability goals.  The solar roof system provides a constant charge to the batteries while the golf cart is under the sun and allows HCC to use free energy from the sun to help run their campus golf carts.

We are currently finishing up the second week of testing the solar panel top on the campus security golf cart. The first week of testing was used to gather kilowatt readings that showed how much energy the golf cart consumed while being recharged overnight.  The second and third week of testing will focus on how many days the golf cart can be used with the solar panel top CONNECTED versus it being DISCONNECTED.

So far John, from campus security, has noticed that the golf cart runs smoother and has more power throughout the day with the solar panel roof.  He also shared that many of the staff and students have noticed the new look of the golf cart and like the concept of adding a solar roof to the school’s golf cart.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll be sure to update everyone after the testing is complete.

Tracy Ogihara
GreenCarts, LLC
Ken Johnson, HCC